SAP Value Engineering is part of the sales organisation within SAP and supports it by providing value-focused services to SAP's potential and existing customers. The Value Engineering team is supporting the customer across his entire SAP life-cycle - from identifying the solution with the most value to a specific customer, over realising that value during the solution implementation and after, to the identification of optimisation potential post the SAP implemenation.

As part of the Value Engineering Team in Australia, my focus specifically lies in the are of "Value Identification". This specifically means the identification of a customer's ideal SAP business solution, supported and justified by a sound business case and high level implementation roadmap. At times, and growing in demand, I have developed "Benefit Realisation Frameworks" (based on measureable business KPIs) in order to quantitatively measure the value realised by a SAP Solution post an implemenation.

To date I've taken part/ or driven the development of numerous business cases, transformation- and IT strategy roadmaps projects for some of Australia and New Zealands' largest employers and organisation. As a generalist I had worked across many industries, including: Mining, Postal Services, Logistic Services, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Food, Retail, Professional Services, Mill, Utilities, Non-Profit and niche.

Additionally to my SAP business case and roadmap experience, I have been advising close to 100 C-Level Executives (predominantly CFO/ CEO, CIO, CTO) of some of Asia-Pacific's largest companies on their SAP Upgrade Planning and Value Identification programs.

Based on this experience I'm planning to write a serious of articles that I will publish on my website, starting with how to build a SAP Business Case and Roadmap, Realise the Value identified in the Business Case and optimise an existing SAP Solution through SAP's Benchmarking Initiative.