Originally Polish, I was born in the year 1981 in Essen, Germany. Until I reached the age of 17, I attended a German grammar school. When I was given the opportunity to go abroad, for an exchange year to the United States, I left Germany. I spend my senior year in Colorado, playing all-American sports, and eventually graduating from there.

Returning back home to Europe in 2000 and looking for the right next step, I came across an American university campus, located in Poland. This was the perfect opportunity for me learn the language of my parents while continuing my education most efficiently.

In 2004, as the first foreign national with a highly distinctive grade point average and special honors for my bachelor thesis, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the School of Business - National-Louis University in Nowy Sacz. Throughout my studies I gained over one year of professional work experience across multiple industries and business functions. Towards my biggest achievements I counted an internship working for the CEO of the largest Human Resource Management Consultancy in Germany (Kienbaum Management Consultants) as well as being the first intern at SAP's Business Consulting practice.

Few days later, I emigrated to Australia, where I commenced my Master Degree in International Business at the Monash University in Melbourne, focusing on international business strategy and management. Throughout my full-time studies I continuously worked for SAP Asia, supporting the Business Consulting practice. On completion of my master's degree in 2005, I commenced my first permanent employment as Associate Business Consultant and quickly advanced to Business Consultant. Focusing on Value identification and realisation of SAP projects/ investments for SAP's largest and most strategic customers I have moved into Value Engineering in 2008. Today I advise customers on the Value of SAP Solutions, SAP Upgrades, Strategic Roadmaps, and IT Strategy.

Towards the greatest achievements I count a global recognition as one of the most influencial teams across all of SAP (Business Consulting Australia/ New Zealand), individual highest target achievement across the team in 2006 and second-highest in 2007 (Team of 17 people), being most utilised consultant across Australia/ New Zealand in Q3/2007 (out of over 200 Consultants), and a nomination for a SAPRA Award (Employee recognition program) for innovation in Q4/2007 and result orientation in Q4/ 2008 as part of the Value Engineering Team.

"Whatever you do - do it best." 


I increasingly enjoy to travel and discover new lifestyles, habits and people's behaviour. People describe me as the nucleus of the cell, and the glue that holds a group of people together. I love to engage socially and entertain. Personal Interaction, Smiles, powerful tunes and great vibes are the ingredients of my "soup of the day". Balance in life is important to me, but so is constant challenge, stimulation and continuous improvement.

Intelligent, honest, driven, result-oriented, persuasive and extravert are a few adjectives that describe me well. My nature is friendly, helpful and forthcoming.