I've had a website ever since 1999 and have since changed the design and domain a few times. Against popular believe I do not spend more than an hour monthly on the creation and maintenance of the conent.

Since I've established this particular web-domain in 2004 the website attracted over 41,000 visitors. Today, over 1,600 new and unique surfers visit monthly, spending an average of 5.5 minutes each to browse 4.79 pages. The most popular page is the curriculum vitae page followed by individual newsletters and 'about me' page.

Visitors come from all over the world, but predominantly from Australia, the USA, Germany, Poland, England and Canada. The top-5 visitors' cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Warsaw, London, and Singapore. Australia, Germany and Poland each demonstrate the highest page hits per visit ratios amongst all countries, averaging well above the 6 pages per visit mark. Comparing to benchmarks against the size of this webstie, this is a very high ratio.

Key Performance Indicators (source: Google Benchmark, 2009):

Category: "all pages of similar size":

  • Website visits: +1,699.17%
  • Pageviews: +2,408.26%
  • Average Time on page: +430.37%
  • New Visits: +51.47%
  • Pages/ visit: +39.17%