by Victor-Andreas März

Do you have questions like "What am I going to do after I graduate", "How do I identify the right profession for me", "How do I prepare for my transition from my studies to  my professional life effectively and least stressful"? In a series of articles I will guide with hints, tips and share my experience with you to answer the above questions.

So what makes you Happy?
“Studying was one of the best times in my life" when you ask people about the highlights of theirs life. This answer is actually quite common across different nationalities and cultures. I have often wondered why this would be the case since different cultures appear to be quite unique across the globe and share a very different set of values. I think the answer has something to do with the fact that all humans share a common set of basic needs that need to be addressed at any given time in life:

The 5 Dimensions that influence your happiness:

  1. Emotional  Stability – we often discover our “first love” and experiment with (serious) relationships during our studies
  2. Intellectual  Challenge – throughout the studies one would hope this to be the most developing dimension of our being.
  3. Spiritual Belief – many of our dreams and hopes for our life get developed during the course of our studies, our believe system is manifested during this time
  4. Physical Fitness – most of us achieve full physical development during our studies, this is the time when our bodies are the fittest by nature
  5. Financial  Stability –whether our parents pay, we took a bank loan with a low interest, we received scholarships or we saved up the money to study – we are least concerned with finances during that part of our life while not living at home anymore (for most of us)

In order to be unconditionally happy, all those dimensions need appropriate stimulation and development throughout your life. Any job you take up after your studies will impact most of the above dimensions and many people suddenly seem to become unhappy with their lives - many of you might be afraid of this situation. Have you heard descriptions like: "My job is not challenging enough",  "My job doesn't pay well", "My job is .....", “I’m sitting in front of the computer all day long”, "It's a necessary evil to get some cash in" is how many people describe their jobs. I want you to be as happy as possible and hope you will never describe your jobs as above. It is up to you to find the right job that will make you happy and stimulate all the five dimensions of happiness. That is why  I am writing to you today. In the next article you will find out how important it is to have a strategy for your studies ready; I will discuss my personal experience and that of others that I've observed and will conclude tips for you on how to get through the most out of your studies.

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