Dear Visitor

my portfolio consists predominantly of panoramic shots. My mission is to capture contrast, even if this is not immediately visible in the below thumbnails. Contrast is important to me as only with contrast you can realise the difference. My work captures the contrast between night and day, movement and still life, close and far, small and big, the big picture and the detail, light and darkness.

During my first year of photography I collected over 5,000AUD for various charities such as the Red Cross, Oxfam International, RedKite and the Malkara School for Children with special needs. Without exception all proceeds are being donated.

Taking part in the Epson International Photographic Pano Competition in 2011, all my images have won a Bronze prize and one was voted 19th best entry in the amateur competition (from over 3,800 sumbissions across +60 countries).

You can purchase limited edition prints from me (all available only 100 times). I provide various options to print for you when you contact me via my email ( I also provide royalty free images on request.



Brighton Beach   Date: 02.05.2010
Name: Brighton Beach Panorama
Dimensions: 11198 x 2722 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.95m x 0.96m

Date: 06.05.2010
Name: Yarra's Edge
Dimensions: 7815 x 3040 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.75m x 1.07m

  Date: 06.05.2010
Name: New Quay Promenade
Dimensions: 11803 x 3146 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.16m x 1.11m
  Date: 11.05.2010
Name: Profile of Sydney
Dimensions: 19155 x 3302 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 6.75m x 1.16m
  Date: 11.05.2010
Name: Sydney Harbour Bridge in Twilight
Dimensions: 7033 x 2603 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.48m x 0.91m
  Date: 11.05.2010
Name: Icons of Sydney
Dimensions: 13400 x 3305 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.72m x 1.16m
  Date: 11.05.2010
Name: Sydney Harbour Bridge
Dimensions: 7345 x 3340 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.59m x 1.17m
  Date: 12.05.2010
Name: Twilight in Sydney
Dimensions: 8662 x 3036 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.05m x 1.07m
  Date: 11.05.2010
Name: Capitol City Trail
Dimensions: 10987 x 3079 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.87m x 1.08m
  Date: 12.05.2010
Name: St. Kilda Pier
Dimensions: 7532 x 2860 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.65m x 1.00m
  Date: 16.05.2010
Name: Bolte Bridge
Dimensions: 15127 x 5544 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.33m x 1.95m
  Date: 18.05.2010
Name: Southbank Promenade
Dimensions: 16146 x 5338 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.69m x 1.88m
  Date: 28.05.2010
Name: Sunset at St. Kilda Pier
Dimensions: 13044 x 5102 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.60m x 1.80m
  Date: 01.06.2010
Name: Twilight at Victoria Harbour
Dimensions: 11421 x 8061 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.02m x 2.84m
  Date: 06.06.2010
Name: Federation Square
Dimensions: 11729 x 4773 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.13m x 1.68m
  Date: 13.06.2010
Name: Princess Bridge at Night
Dimensions: 8719 x 3235 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.07m x 1.14m
  Date: 15.06.2010
Name: Webb Bridge at Twilight
Dimensions: 10087 x 3913 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.55m x 1.38m
  Date: 19.06.2010
Name: Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Dimensions: 9786 x 6056 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.45m x 2.13m
  Date: 24.06.2010
Name: Sunset over the Yarra River
Dimensions: 13416 x 5659 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.73m x 1.99m
  Date: 07.07.2010
Name: Melbourne Museum during Twilight
Dimensions: 9425 x 3783 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.32m x 1.33m
  Date: 07.07.2010
Name: Royal Exhibition Building
Dimensions: 8869 x 3795 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.12m x 1.33m
  Date: 13.07.2010
Name: Parliament of Australia
Dimensions: 13000 x 3313 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.58m x 1.16m
  Date: 13.07.2010
Name: National Museum of Australia
Dimensions: 19201 x 6930
Max Print (72DPI): 6.77m x 2.44m
Awards: Epson Pano 2011, Certificate
  Date: 24.07.2010
Name: Australian War Memorial at Dusk
Dimensions: 10567 x 3627 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.72m x 1.28m
  Date: 24.07.2010
Name: Sunset at the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge
Dimensions: 21049 x 7228 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 7.42m x 2.55m
  Date: 24.07.2010
Name: Twilight at the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge
Dimensions: 15320 x 5400 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.40m x 1.90m
  Date: 09.08.2010
Name: Melbourne Theatre Company at Dusk
Dimensions: 10497 x 6709 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.70m x 2.36m
  Date: 01.09.2010
Name: Sydney Opera House at Dusk
Dimensions: 11398 x 5217 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.02m x 1.84m
  Date: 01.09.2010
Name: The Sydney Harbour Bridge at Dusk
Dimensions: 9799 x 4095
Max Print (72DPI): 3.45m x 1.44m
  Date: 02.09.2010
Name: Sydney Harbour during Sunrise
Dimensions: 16894 x 4671 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.96m x 1.64m
  Date: 02.09.2010
Name: Sydney Opera House during Sundrise
Dimensions: 5148 x 2635 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 1.81m x 0.93m
  Date: 10.09.2010
Name: The National Carillon
Dimensions: 11405 x 5023 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.02m x 1.77m
  Date: 08.09.2010
Name: Golden Hour at the National Carillon
Dimensions: 10552 x 5579 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.72m x 1.96m
Awards: Epson Pano 2011, Certificate
  Date: 01.10.2010
Name: Southwharf during Sunset
Dimensions: 8330 x 5606 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.93m x 1.97m
  Date: 01.10.2010
Name: West Gate Freeway during Sunset
Dimensions: 19472 x 6388 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 6.86m x 2.25m
  Date: 03.10.2010
Name: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Dimensions: 10639 x 5889 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.75m x 2.07m
  Date: 16.10.2010
Name: Jetty in Rye
Dimensions: 14961 x 6154 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.27m x 2.07m
  Date: 21.10.2010
Name: Yarra's Edge at Twilight
Dimensions: 9863 x 5353 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.47m x 1.88m
  Date: 21.10.2010
Name: Victoria Harbour at Dusk
Dimensions: 11608 x 5341 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.09m x 1.88m
Awards: Epson Pano 2011, Certificate
  Date: 24.10.2010
Name: Flinders Street Station at Dusk
Dimensions: 18247 x 8196 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 6.43m x 2.89m
Awards: Epson Pano 2011, Certificate
  Date: 26.10.2010
Name: Twilight over Canberra
Dimensions: 14958 x 5259 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.27m x 1.85m
  Date: 27.10.2010
Name: National Library of Australia
Dimensions: 16162 x 6288 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.70m x 2.21m
  Date: 05.11.2010
Name: Victorian State Library During Dusk
Dimensions: 11943 x 5628 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.21m x 1.98m
  Date: 09.11.2010
Name: Profile of St. Kilda Pier
Dimensions: 19117 x 5686 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 6.74m x 2.00m
  Date: 09.11.2010
Name: Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron
Dimensions: 23399 x 12150 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 8.25m x 4.28m
  Date: 09.11.2010
Name: Sunset at St. Kilda Pier
Dimensions: 13273 x 4995 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.68m x 1.72m
  Date: 19.11.2010
Name: The City of Melbourne During Dusk
Dimensions: 32973 x 8382 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 10.58m x 2.69m
  Date: 24.11.2010
Name: Wellington Harbour
Dimensions: 11211 x 5808 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.95m x 2.04m
  Date: 24.11.2010
Name: Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club
Dimensions: 15058 x 3719 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 5.31m x 1.31m
  Date: 27.11.2010
Name: The Valley of Waters
Dimensions: 11166 x 8055 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.93m x 2.84m
  Date: 24.12.2010
Name: Cape Bridgewater Windfarm
Dimensions: 7271 x 5071 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 2.56m x 1.78m
  Date: 24.12.2010
Name: Sunset at Cape Bridgewater
Dimensions: 12241 x 5896 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.31m x 5796m
  Date: 25.12.2010
Name: The Blue Lake
Dimensions: 10736 x 9278 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.78m x 3.27m
  Date: 28.12.2010
Name: Vivonne Beach
Dimensions: 12485 x 3495 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 4.40m x 1.23m
  Date: 31.12.2010
Name: The Pink Lake
Dimensions: 10362 x 5370 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.65m x 1.89m
  Date: 31.12.2010
Name: New Year's Eve in the Docklands
Dimensions: 9051 x 4807 pixel
Max Print (72DPI): 3.19m x 1.69m